Asavie Acquisition Strengthens Akamai’s 5G Security Strategy

By Team Ecosystm

In the recently published the Top 5 Cybersecurity & Compliance Trends for 2021 report Ecosystm predicts that 2021 is when M&As will ramp up in earnest to consolidate the fragmented cybersecurity market. The pandemic has slowed down M&A activities in 2020. Early signs of what we can expect from the market when we emerge from COVID-19 can […]

Digital Transformation is a High Priority for Organizations post COVID-19

By Octavio Hernandez

Not so long ago I was looking at a study by Deloitte and MIT from 2015 on the main drivers of digital transformation. I wonder what the authors are thinking of their study now? Fair play to the researchers, their definition of digital transformation is still as valid today as it was back then. The use of […]

Branch of One®: Delivering the Secure Office Anywhere

By Mick Higgins

“COVID-19 has challenged business leaders to do three things at once: stage the return to work, understand and leverage the advancements they enacted during the crisis, and chart a new path forward.”Source: Deloitte Insights Organizations are looking to capitalize on the engagement and productivity gains experienced during the lockdown through remote working. However, aside from a […]