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Global CxO Study 2020:
The Future of the Secure Office Anywhere 

Branch of One® enables an office anywhere experience by delivering secure, frictionless access to all business resources, with full mobility. This can be done quickly and easily from a single user to a large team. Unlike other solutions that require customer equipment (CPE) and software clients to deliver accessibility and security, Branch of One® creates a seamless office anywhere experience that only requires a mobile device and cellular connectivity, all with no clients.

An independent global research study of over 1,000+ global C-Suite leaders was conducted by Ecosystm during July and August of 2020. This study explored what their plans are to address the need to enable a secure office anywhere environment for the evolving hybrid working model.

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About Branch of One®

The Branch of One® addresses 5 key business challenges:

The Future of Work

Digitalization has played a critical role during lockdown to keep businesses running and employees safe. We identified four key areas during the pandemic that are shaping the future of work:


Rapid Problem Solving

Providing employees with devices and remote access was only the first step. During lockdown, the established chains of communication and command were displaced in favor of decentralized decision-making and rapid implementation of solutions.

IT on the Edge

As employees moved from a central location to their homes, organizations had to make data, applications, and resources available on their endpoints to guarantee business continuity. This sudden move brought to light the inadequacy of existing remote connectivity solutions.

Securing Data

Digitalization implies data will be available to employees on multiple locations and devices. It is, therefore, imperative for organizations to protect data by extending security and policies to all endpoints.

Office Anywhere

Office Anywhere is about the decentralization of people and resources away from the physical office and towards a remote office that goes wherever the employee is. Organizations are moving towards a hybrid model of work that supports a fully mobile employee with secure access to corporate resources, applications, and data seamlessly.

Enterprise Networking

The diversification of where data is held and where it is accessed from, is leading organizations to rethink their networking and security to be more focused on the identity of the end user. As most data is now outside the digital business, enterprises are looking to Zero Trust Networks (ZTNA), Secure Access Service Edges (SASE) and SD-WAN to manage the evolving business network needs.

Enterprise Mobility

The working environment is moving towards a new hybrid model where the employee can perform their tasks anywhere with a mobile device and cellular connectivity. This creates a positive environment for innovation and increased productivity, but has also created new attack vectors for malicious actors to strike against organizations. With that, CIOs must guide all innovation in enterprise mobility to be secure by design with full control and visibility of data.


In this new hybrid working environment the issue of data governance on mobile devices has become more prominent.  A Branch of One® solution incorporates a range of compliance adherence features that include private network segments for PCI compliance and security policies that support specific requirements for HIPAA or GDPR compliance.

Global CxO Study 2020:
The Future of the Secure Office Anywhere 

1,000 C-level execs, across 3 continents were surveyed to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations’ dynamically changing security concerns.

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